A warm welcome to my site.   I am a Freelancer specialising in Public Relations, Press Relations, Consulting, Project Management. I am a member of CIPR.


I’ve spent the past six years working on the frontline in Politics in Norfolk and in Westminster. Before that, I had 15 years’ experience of running my own businesses in France and in the UK.

I went freelance in 2018 and do some regular work for a Conservative MP who is also a Government Minister. On certain projects I partner with colleagues who bring their own expertise.

 I am friendly, media savvy, well organised, driven, and I’ve got plenty of contacts. I can help with: 

Advice about how to get your business noticed in political circles

Developing your business

Events (need to celebrate that business milestone?)

running Projects and Promotions such as Public Relations for a festival, event or milestone celebration

and can help businesses grow their audiences (promote that new thing you do, prepare some eye catching social media posts?) I can produce short animated films to explain in a fun manner concisely what it is that you offer.

I live in Norfolk with my family and a french speaking Pointer.

Can I help you?! Please give me a call on 07771 393538 or email me on hilary@hilarygauthier.co.uk