A warm welcome to my site.   I am a Freelance Business Consultant specialising in Public Relations, Press Relations, Consulting, Project Management and Business Development.


I’ve spent the past six years working on the frontline in Politics in Norfolk and in Westminster. Before that, I had 15 years’ experience of running my own businesses in France and in the UK.

I went freelance at the end of summer 2018.  I’m good at comms and I can help with: 

Advice about how to get your business noticed in political circles

Develop your business by searching out new clients

Events (need to celebrate that business milestone, get the right people there and make sure the Press know about it and cover it?)

running short and long term Projects such as Public Relations for a festival, event or milestone celebration

and can help businesses grow their audiences (promote that new thing you do, suggest and keep on top of social media posts?)

I can produce a short animated film to explain concisely, and in a fun eye catching manner ,what it is that you offer

Have a look at some of my short films on my You Tube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WySyZiveYQ

I live near Norwich with my family and a Pointer.

I am friendly, media savvy, well organised, driven, and I’ve got plenty of contacts.

Can I help you?!

Please give me a call on 07771 393538 or email me on hilary@hilarygauthier.co.uk